Demonstration surveys


This section contains links to various demonstration questionnaires. They have been designed to show how various features and functions can be implemented in SCROLL.

Click on a project name in the first column of the table to start one of the demonstration surveys. (If your browser provides an option to right click on the project and open in a new browser tab then this may be a more convenient way to run these demos).

BasicThe main SCROLL question types with the Government Digital Service (GDS) layout
Basic2The main SCROLL question types with different layout
SDASatSDA Customer Satisfaction Survey - examples of slider, ranking and grid questions
UsingListsSelect/deselect items in a list. Uses the list processing features in the scripting language
Lists_OtherManipulating lists which have other answer categories
QRandomDisplay 10 questions in random order. In this example 10 statements about selected publications
CanvasDemoExamples using the CANVAS feature of the scripting language
PSQSUniversity Satisfaction Survey. Select services to evaluate then evaulate these services in random order. A page of evaluation questions for each service
BusNewsBusiness publications - select images and randomise display order
TabSelectUsing Tabs to select groups of questions. Contains notes on how to set up questionnaires with tab selection
CardPairsCard Pairs cognitive test. Video and activity measure
SmileyFruitSmiley scale and select image
Usinglistinfarsi نمایش طرز استفاده از لیست در پرسشنامه A farsi questionnaire
ProductsInterviewer administered brand awareness questions
VacancesVacances Écologiques
HolidayClubsHoliday Clubs Survey

Note: These surveys were set up in an account called Demos. Please ask SCROLL support if you would like a copy of any of these projects in your own account.