Getting started


To use SCROLL you have to be registered as a user and have access to at least one SCROLL account. So for a completely new user/organisation a SCROLL account will first be created and then user(s) invited to join that account.

Once registered you can login with an email address and password and select an account (if more than one). This will take you to the Survey projects page where you can choose an existing project to work on or create a new project.

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SCROLL accounts can be set up to allow only one user on the account (SCROLL personal) or with multiple users. Users may also have access to more than one account.

SCROLL Accounts with more than one user

Users can be given different levels of access which control the actions they can perform in an account. So, for example, one user may be able to create new questionnaires whereas another may only be able to test questionnaires.

Each account has at least one user with Account Administrator access that enables them to:

  • Add/Remove users to/from an account.
  • Set the level of access users have in each account
  • Create new accounts (subject to type of account)

If you wish to be added as a user of an existing account contact the Account Administrator.

For an introduction to creating and managing SCROLL accounts Select here or select SCROLL Accounts from the side menu.

Users with access to more than one SCROLL account

Users may be given access to more than one account and may have access set to define different roles in different accounts. So a user could have Account Administrator access in one account and Fieldwork monitor only access in another account.


SCROLL has 2 types of project:

Survey projects

Use to develop, test and launch surveys.

Select here or select from side menu for an introduction to survey projects.

Data projects

Use to upload your own data. You can copy data from these projects into your survey projects for use as a distribution (email) list, or you can analyse it within the data project using SCROLL's reporting tool.

Select here or select from side menu for an introduction to data projects.

Options on the Survey projects page

SCROLL accounts may contain one or more projects.

Once an account has been created the users registered on that account can login to SCROLL and select the account to get to the Survey projects page. Users with only one account will go straight to the Survey projects page.

  • Select a project to work on by selecting from the Project Identifier column.
  • Delete a project using
  • Use to create a new Survey Project
  • Use to create a new Data project
  • Add/remove/edit users: see User Administration

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