Panel Management


SCROLL has an integrated panel management system allowing an unlimited number of panels to be created.

Panel member records can be uploaded from CSV or Excel files, or we can develop custom integrations with local CRM systems. See Distribution list for notes on uploading your panel list. Additional records can be added and existing records updated at any time.

Information from multiple sources can be merged into the panel using a key field (eg email, serial number) to link records.

Filters can be created to select subsets of the panelists for any particular survey. Survey invitations (and reminders, thank-yous, etc) can be sent either with SCROLL's integrated email campaign manager or by downloading survey access tokens from SCROLL and using those tokens to email unique URLs from outside SCROLL.

Surveys can be pre-populated with any of the information held in the panel database and information from completed surveys can be incorporated back into the panel database to update or extend the information held.

SCROLL has also been used (for a highly confidential UK Government survey) to manage secure organisation-level panels. This survey required a single response per organisation (central government departments, LAs, NHS trusts, other public bodies), and SCROLL was used to email an invitation to the initial user for each organisaton, who could then invite additional users, each with their own username and password, to collaborate on a single corporate response.

In addition to managing survey respondents, any kind of data can be loaded into SCROLL, which can then have meta-data added via the SCROLL GUI, can be analysed using SCROLL's cross-tabulation tool, or exported into any of the supported formats (SPSS, R, etc).